Jean-ius Quiz: The Right Skinny Jean for Your Style Personality

Since skinny jeans have been the growing trend over the past few years, designers keep creating a wider range of different styles so they appeal to everyone’s taste. But, with the rainbow of choices, how do we know which skinny jeans will suit our own personal style?  Just take our simple quiz to find out your style personality and the results will tell you which skinnies complement your style best.

Quiz Me!

Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham and Steven Tyler

1. You would love to walk down the red carpet with which male celebrity?

a.  Ryan Reynolds
b.  David Beckham
c.  Steven Tyler

2. You love having drinks with your friends:

a.  At home, its clean and you can hear yourself think
b.  In the hottest spot in town, to see and be seen
c.  Anywhere you can find graffiti in the bathroom

Retriever, Shorkie and Rottweiler

3. You would like to be seen walking down the street with which type of pooch:

a.  Golden retriever (woof)
b.  Shorkie (yip yip)
c.  Rottweiler (growl)

4. You would never travel without this type of shoe in your suitcase:

a.  Flats or sensible heels
b.  Heels, heels, and heels
c.  Boots in various heights

Signature nail polish color

5. Your signature nail color is:

a.  A buff manicure
b.  The trendiest color of the season
c.  Dark berry vamp

6. Your best friend would describe you as:

a.  Organized, confident, and annoyingly stable
b.  Independent, exciting, and annoyingly fabulous
c.  Rebellious, carefree, and annoyingly irresponsible

Shopping spree

7. You just won the lottery, you:

a.  Call your accountant first thing in the morning
b.  Go on a shopping spree in Paris, Milan, and New York
c.  Throw the biggest party in history

8. In your closet, you are most likely to find:

a.  Classic basics organized by color
b.  Your friends borrowing your clothes
c.  Leather jackets and ex-flings

Hepburn, Moss and Stefani

9. Which celebrity is your style icon?

a.  Audrey Hepburn
b.  Kate Moss
c.  Gwen Stefani

10. You know your ex is going to be at the party. You wear:

a.  An accidently sexy (oops!) but classic black dress
b.  A sexy blouse, skinny jeans, strappy heels, and a smug smile
c.  Leather dress, boots, gloves, and a knife

The Results:

7 for All Mankind, Current Elliott and AG skinny jeans

If you chose mostly A’s, you qualify as a “classicist”. Your style is timeless, effortless, and refined. You are never overtly trendy and prefer quality over quantity. You approach fashion with a more traditional, sophisticated sense, which has become your signature style. Your wardrobe usually consists of matte finishes and solid colors; therefore, the recommended skinny jeans for classicists are solid colored skinnies. Jewel colored denim is popular for fall and will complement your neutral pieces nicely. Pair a plum skinny with a neutral colored silk blouse, and one of your classic blazers, add some kitten heels or flats and you are dancing your way into fall…classically trained, of course.

Current Elliott and 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans

If you chose mostly B’s, you are a “fashionista”. You are always on top of the trends and tend to take risks when it comes to fashion. You fearlessly rock the newest trends before everyone else and set the bar high for fashion wannabes. So, what’s your skinny jean recommendation? Well, the newest denim trends, naturally! Military inspired and printed skinnies graced the runways this fall season and have just the fashion forward look you crave. Pair a green combat skinny, a waist tailored gray blazer, and black close-toed pumps and you’ve conquered the military fad. Or, pair gray leopard print skinnies with an off-the-shoulder black sweater and some sky-high booties and your nuzzling the animal print trend. But, we don’t have to tell you any of this because after all, you’re the fashionista!

Current Elliott and Habitual skinny jeans

If you chose mostly C’s, you are a “wild-child”. You style oozes confidence with touches of rebellion and brooding edginess. Your wardrobe is rocker-chic inspired but with just enough glamour to confuse the masses. You love to spice up your softer outfits by adding touches of leather and metal hardware pieces. While you don’t obsess on current trends, you still refine your fashion choices wisely. Therefore, the skinny jeans we recommend for our more hard-hitting lovelies are the metallic or wax coated skinnies. You can pair wax-coated skinnies with a vintage tee and peep-toe booties for a rock-n-roll edge to every day. Or, wear high voltage metallic skinnies, a graphic white tee, a sleeveless fur, and black platform heels and make a glam-rock statement for the evening. Oh, and for those about to rock, we salute you!

Please refer to our store website for even more fall denim ditties. We are confident you will find just what you need to satisfy your personality.