The Boot Bible: How to Buy Boots for Your Body Type

Nancy Sinatra may have told us that boots were made for walking and right she was, but I’m here to tell you that boots should also be made for flattering! While body shape is an important consideration when buying your clothes, your body shape is equally important to your boot purchases. There are many styles of boots to choose from, but before you venture off into a retail abyss, let me help you determine the styles that will help compliment your glorious figures.

Don’t Get the Boot!

Fall and winter boots in closet

Now that we know we must consider our body shape when purchasing our fall/winter boots, where do we go from here? Well, here’s just a quick summary of some body types and which boot styles may work best for each:

  • Short/thin women: knee-high, calf-length, and ankle boots will suit your body type best while above the knee may shorten your height further.
  • Short/curvier women: knee-high and ankle-length boots will suit you best, as calf-length may shorten your build or widen your calf.
  • Tall/thin women: All lengths (ankle, calf-length, knee-high, and above the knee) will work best for you.
  • Tall/curvier women: All lengths are appropriate for you; however, anything above the knee may make you appear shorter.

Hurry Up and Boot Up!

Whether they are flat, high-heeled, ankle-length, or knee-high, boots come in every possible style. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how some of these styles will flatter each body type…

Ankle Length Boots

Ankle Length Boots

These boots have always been the most popular considering they look great with every body type and can be worn with pants, skirts, or dresses. However, these boots cut your leg off at the ankle, so for short thin girls, make sure to include a good size heel and pair them with skinny jeans/leggings of the same boot color to create a longer line. When pairing your ankle boots with your skirts/dresses, careful to not shorten your legs. Make sure the boot fits closely at the ankle and your skirt/dress ends above the knee.

Calf-length Boots

Calf-length Boot

Now, these boots come with a warning label, so proceed with caution. This style tends to cut your leg off at the calf and some wider shafts styles can visually widen the size of your legs. Therefore, they tend to work best for those with slimmer calves. If you want to tuck your bottoms into these boots, only wear your skinnies or leggings to avoid the MC Hammer ballooned pant look (yikes!). If you are short and want to appear taller, try buying a calf-length boot with a heel to create the appearance of height.

Knee-High Boots

Knee-High Boots

These boots are for all body types and are a fall/winter “must-have” item. Knee-high boots elongate your legs giving them a longer, slimmer look and can be paired with any number of outfits, such as, dresses, skinny jeans/legging, mini skirts, etc. If you have shorter legs, avoid knee-high boots with any horizontal detail, such as straps or buckles, as these details may shorten your leg’s length. And remember, a knee-high with a heel will dress up your look, while a flat knee-high lends to a more casual look.

And This… to Boot!

Boot with Zipper

Wait, you’re not ready to raid the shoe racks just yet! I have just a few more important tips to buying your perfect boot this season.

The Right Fit

Don’t forget when buying online to look at the circumference and shaft of the boot. Circumference will tell you whether or not your calf will slide easily into a knee-high or thigh-high boot, while the shaft will tell you whether or not your boot will come to the point on your leg that is most flattering.

The Right Heel

A quick note on heel shape…

  • Kitten heels work well for smaller feet.
  • Flat boots work best for longer legs.
  • Stiletto heels work best for those with slimmer legs and calves.
  • Wedge heels with a thin back heel are good for slimmer types and wide back heels work well for curvier types.
  • Stacked heels flatter curvier shapes.

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Okay boots…start walking!