Trina Turk: Designer Spotlight

This month our designer spotlight goes out to Trina Turk. We have been carrying her sophisticated yet flirty line since 2006 and due to her line’s popularity in our store we have recently doubled our product orders. Her line focuses on color, textiles, and prints and once you are familiar with her style, it is easy to identify her designs in a crowd. Her brand not only pertains to fashion but also to a lifestyle, a well-lived California lifestyle. Her unique style captivates all of us here at Sloan and we are confident you will be captivated as well. Here is her story…
Trina Turk

Sew, it Begins

At eleven years old, California-native Trina Turk learned how to sew from her mother and it was during that time when she discovered she wanted to be a fashion designer. She began avidly following all the latest trends in various fashion magazines and developed an obsession for fashion. After high school, she went on to study apparel design at the University of Washington and her talent only flourished. Following college, Turk began working as a designer in the junior market for 12 years and this experience prompted her desire to branch out on her own. She eagerly wanted to design clothes that were higher-end and appealed to her own taste and interests. And, it was her interest in California architecture and landscape that markedly influenced her work and made her a standout in the fashion industry. In 1995, she started a small company and began designing dresses, which immediately sold to Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney’s New York. In 2002, her first boutique opened in Palm Springs, California, but success wasn’t done knocking at her door just yet.

Making a Fashion Im”print”

Trina Turk pillow and cocktail napkins

During fashion shoots Turk used her regular clothing fabric to cover pillows as props and this is when a stroke of genius happened. She decided to place these pillows in her clothing store, which sold and sold quickly. So, the designer now slash business mogul decided to sell them on a regular basis and from pillows, her home accessory line evolved. In 2008, when the space next to her original Palm Springs boutique became available, she opened Trina Turk Residential, which became a huge success. The Turk Residential collection includes pillows, rugs, bedding, and tabletop textiles and incorporates all of her well-known colored prints with a touch of vintage appeal. Overnight, this “clothing only” label grew into a full lifestyle brand and Trina Turk was on her way. It seems her optimistic attitude toward her career made her a huge success and everything she touched turned into gold…well, bright gold with a unique pattern, naturally.

Fall Just Got Better, Thanks Trina

Trina Turk Fall Collection

We have always been thrilled to carry Trina Turk clothing in our store and this fall is no exception. Her fall collection is inspired by the Bauhaus art movement, which was known for its strong use of color, prints, and geometric designs. This crisp, clean line incorporates bold bright colors and mixed patterns, such as, houndstooth and dots.  The entire collection has a quiet femininity but at the same time, roars with confidence.

We are also honored to be the presenting sponsors for Trina Turk on October 15th for the Passion for Fashion event hosted by the Mint Museum Auxiliary.  Please check out the website for this exciting Charlotte event at:

We are very pleased to be meeting Mrs. Turk this month and want to share our stories and pictures of our time with her, so please check back with us in the next few weeks.